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Friday, January 20, 2012

Video Game Review - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

  • Graphics  10/10

  • Sound  9.0/10

  • Gameplay  9.5/10

  • Replayability  9/10

Deus Ex is a tactical/espionage shooter similar to the Metal Gear Solid series.  You play the role of Adam Jensen, an ex-SWAT turned head of security working for Sarif Industries, one of the world's leaders in human augmentation.  The game takes place in the year 2027, where bio-mechanical augmentations (cybernetic enhancements to the human body) are readily available to those who can afford them.  Jensen survives a shot to the head after attempting to secure a break in, prompting David Sarif (Sarif's CEO) to turn him into a robocop via augmentation.  This serves as a prelude to the game, and after a 6 month recovery Jensen returns to Sarif and the real action begins.  There is a main plot you must follow to progress, but there are often multiple ways to go about completing your assigned tasks along with a fair amount of side quests that can help you in numerous ways, such as rewarding you with equipment/experience or information relevant to the plot.  The weaponry is varied and very satisfying to use, with most weapons having optional attachments you can find throughout the game, such as a laser sight or silencer.  The pace was quick enough to keep me really engaged, I played for hours at a time often without realizing it.  There are several minigames such as hacking and convincing people through conversation which determine how you proceed through the game and/or reward you with equipment/experience.  I had a bunch of fun just messing around in the open-world environments, exploring and seeing what kind of shenanigans Jensen could get away with (think Grand Theft Auto but less absurd).  The customization system is simplistic but offers a bit of variety, you gain XP by completing tasks and and downing enemies, with bonuses rewarded for masterful execution.  Upon gaining enough XP Jensen will level up and receive a praxis point, these then can be used to upgrade augmentations or unlock new ones.  You can also purchase praxis points at LIMB clinics and find them scattered throughout the world.  A complaint that I must make note of is how repetitive and obvious the AI voices are, if you are suspicious that a spy or similar is in the immediate vicinity, why would you alert them?  The graphics are sharp, fluent, and awesome.  There are a several boss battles that vary the pace of the game on top of being quite a challenge, especially on the hard difficulty.  I had a good amount of fun with Deus Ex, and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys single player games.

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